Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Epub is perhaps the most popular eBook format in the market, beating Mobi at its game over the years. Epub has been brought out International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and is maintained by them. They ensure that every ePub is created, designed and maintained as per the guidelines set down by the forum. Due to this ePub is mostly universally accepted, and compatible across various devices, as it is a base for eBook. The following are some of the eBook epub readers which are highly ranked:

1.       EPUB Reader: As the name implies, EPub reader is a clutter free, no frills, ePub reader available for free in the market. Having said that it is no frills attached, doesn’t undermine its capacity as an eBook reader, as it supports multi versions of ePub books, PDF’s and more. Also, with its robust conversion tools, ePub can also be converted into other text content formats.

2.       Calibre: An all stop shop for everything eBooks, Calibre has been delivering innovative features for conversion, purchase, highlights, annotations, bookmarks, etc. for eBooks, especially ePub files. They support epub files natively, and can also be used to share eBook files among different platforms and systems. If you are of course a writer, calibre can help you convert the epub file into Amazon Kindle supported Mobi file eBooks. All in one solution, Calibre makes everything related to eBooks super easy.

3.       Sigil : Sigil scores high in ease of use and intuitive user interface when it comes to processing eBooks, either free downloads from online or loaded into the device from external sources. Sigil and Calibre are perhaps the only two software tools which provide all the facilities a user might need in making, transferring, converting, re-converting, publishing and promting eBooks, moreover in the case of ePub. The ePub scanning codex in Sigil is more effective, as it can process multimedia ebooks, and even windows non-compatible ePub files.

However, apart from the above popular tools, you can also use Online tools like Google Play books, Amazon Kindle (when converted to Mobi), Nook reader, Kobo readers, Moon+ reader (especially for android smart devices) and more. Epub as referred to earlier is the most compatible multi-platform multi-device reflowable eBook format, and becomes a good option for avid eBook readers. This is one of the best methods to Open EPub on PC


The main advantage of having eBooks is that you can read them wherever you want, be it exclusive reader devices or windows/android powered devices. Thus, youcan read eBooks on smartphones, tablets, readers, and even PC systems. The following are some of the free softwares which allow you to open and read Mobi files in Windows PC:

1.       Sigil: This multipurpose eBook reader or converter, can work with any Windows version ranging from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10. Sigil is a free software and a bookshelf provider as well. Sigil has a good collection of eBooks in its library which can be accessed through the application. It supports inter convertibility of Mobi files into other formats like ePub, PDF, Doc etc.

2.       Amazon Kindle Application: The best eBook reader which can read Mobi files is Amazon’s native eBook reader called Kindle. You can download the application from Kindle store for your 32-bit or 64-bit systems. As Mobi is a native format for Amazon Kindle, the support for Mobi files is fully featured. As it were, earlier versions could read formats like PDF, ePub files as well. However, with the latest versions this support has been removed. The best thing about this Kindle application is that, once you login with your account, you can sync your reading habits across devices. Kindle uses a tool called as Whispersync, which allows for this sync.

3.       Mobi Pocket reader:Mobi format was initially brought out into the market, by MobiPocket systems, before getting acquired by Amazon. Hence, MobiPocket systems continue to support Mobi format by their native eBook reader called Mobi reader. Like the above-mentioned tools, this software can also be downloaded and installed for free. Beyond the usual features, Mobi Pocket supports highlighting, annotations, bookmarking, and page effects as well. Additionally,Mobi Pocket devices have their library of eBooks, across genres, which users can browse and download. 

Thus, you can Open Mobi Files On PCand get a more greater reading experience like never before.