Wednesday, 28 September 2016


The latest revolution in Book reading practice has been the introduction of eBooks. Ebooks have become the most convenient and easy to use book cultural option which makes buying, viewing, transferring and carrying millions of books ridiculouslyeasy. The major format which actually facilitates the change in culture, is PDF, Doc and ePub. EPub format introduced by International Digital Publishing forum, cam etc supersede the existing old digital book format. Thereby the new format supported the various technological content related changes, which included support for graphical inclusions, multimedia content, three layered depth enhancements etc. Thus, ePub became the household benchmark for the creation of highly engaging and involving reading experience.

The major advantage that ePub has at this point of time is its versatile nature. When we say versatile, we mean that ePub is by far the most compatible eBook format out there, extending support to all the major eBook readers. Of course, as with technology, over the years ePub underwent some changes, and eventually Amazon for its kindle devices preferred and adopted Mobi format (getting its base and roots from ePub) as its native eBook format. Having said that, ePub still is a go to eBook format for devices like Nook, Kobo, Google Books, Apple iBooks etc, which majorly covers all the eBook needs. The major features of ePub are – Reflowable content (scrolling pages), Support for Vectore designs (much like HTML), Resizable Fonts, Support for MathMl etc. Also, ePub format was a pioneer in introducing Digital Rights Management (even supporting third party DRM services as well). This feature authorized and secured digital publication work from illegal use all over the world. Let’s see the process involved in how to read EPub files:

The top device independent readers of ePub which are applicable both to windows and Mac OS X, are –

  • 1       Nook: NOOK is a completely free eReading application for many platforms, including Windows 8! Introduced by publishers of high repute – Barnes and Noble, this application is free to download and is compatible with all the major devices.
  • 2       Calibre : A one stop shop for all things ePub, is Calibre. With this not only can you red eBooks on android, windows and iOS devices, you can also, edit, convert and transfer eBook in ePub or other formats to other devices over web. Additionally, you can also register your work for DRM within this tool.
  • 3       EPUB Reader: What better way to read ePub books than to just download ePub reader. This native support reader adheres to all the layers and formats of ePub books and is the best tool to read them. Also, as it is built for responsiveness, EPUB reader works best if you have a touch device such as iPad or Windows tablet devices then this is your best option.

These are the devices and tools that answer the major question of the topic, how to read ePub files.

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