Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Anyone dealing with eBooks on a regular basis, be it a reader, publisher or an author, will have come across this format known as Mobi. Intially introduced by Mobipocket systems, this rich media content supporting format, went on to become highly famous as Amazon Kindle format. As the name explains itself, Mobi format is the native format adopted and updated by Amazon to work on its famous reader devices called Kindle. Not only is this format the native format for Kindle device, it is also highly integrated with Kindle apps for Android and Apple devices. The Kindle store as well, provides tools to convert and upload books in the format of Mobi files. However, it is an easy process which gets other formats like PDF, Doc, HTML, TXT and ePub, into Mobi files. Apart from Kindle publishing tools, there are many third party applications like Sigil or Calibre which do the conversion for you.

The major advantages that you receive in having Mobi format is that it supports high quality and pixel based multimedia content, animations and also other involving enhancements. Also, with new updations and change to the codex by Amazon, Mobi supports infusing Audio, Video, And Media rich content within an eBook. These are called Enhanced eBooks, and an online publishing service is the best way of going, in order to create these books.

Having said that Mobi is the native to Amazon Kindle, there are still third party readers and tools which help a reader in viewing, reading, and sharing Mobi files (even converting them). Let’s see the process involved in how to read Mobi files:

1       MobiPocket Mobi Reader: As referred to earlier, MobiPocket was the company behind introducing eBook format of Mobi. However, it was later acquired by Amazon for its Kindle requirements. Mobireader is a comprehensive eBook management tool too, offering additional facilities such as Creation of Annotations, Personal eBook publishing, and One click digital dictionary inbuilt into the app.

2       Amazon Kindle For PC: Well nothing better to read Kindle format but in Kindle. Amazon provides Kindle application or desktop client free of cost within its homepage. The major use og this is in, becoming your one-point solution for syncing, managing, reading eBooks in Mobi format, across all your devices which have Kindle apps installed and registered under the same username details.

3       Calibre: If you have an eBook then you have to install Calibre. Such is its facility. Calibre supports viewing, editing and converting almost all the major eBook formats and the best thing is its always updating its codex to support new entries too. Mobi therefore is not an exception here. Calibre also supports Rich text and media formats of Mobi as well.

These are the devices and tools that answer the major question of the topic, how to read mobi files

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