Sunday, 23 October 2016


Mobi files are the proprietary format adopted by Amazon systems for their Amazon Kindle devices. Mobi is a format which enhances the present epub series of eBooks to be compatible by the aforementioned  devices and is compatible with Kindle as well as MobiPocket devices. Hence, the major concern regarding Mobi files is that devices might not be compatible for viewing or opening them. However, in recent times there have been many third-party software’s which are in the market to open mobi files within windows PC. The main softwares here are:

1.       MobiPocketViewer : This desktop application can be downloaded into PC form MobiPocket systems who were the initial introducers of Mobi format before Amazon brought it for their Kindle support.

2.       Calibre : Perhaps the most versatile eBook reader out in the market is Calibre, which opens almost all types of eBook formats, ranging from simple docs to complex CBRs too. Hence, this is an all in one tool for your ebook needs.

3.       Kindle Native App: The nest Kindle mobi format viewer is perhaps the native Amazon provided desktop application which is available for free from its portal. The best thing about Kindle application is that it can be downloaded within almost all types of electronic devices.

4.       Sigil : If you are looking for a software tool which offers you all the ebook facilities like opening, editing, sharing and processing, you need to try Sigil. Sigil is an one stop shop for ebooks, also hosting a library of its own which offers new ebooks across various genres.

5.       MobiReader : As the name suggests, this application which is available for free helps you open the Mobi files within your PC and also Mac books. However, for most part it just focuses on Mobi files meaning that other book formats might not be opened by it.

These, and many more their party softwares helps an eBook avid user, to open Mobi files within windows PC.Read More..

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