Sunday, 23 October 2016


Mobi had always been a closed text format, which has been an enhancement over and above epub files. ePub though offering a versatile compatibility across devices, cannot include some exclusive features of mobi. Hence, Mobi came into existence. Initially in the early 2000’s MobiPocket systems created Mobi file extension to cater to the various needs of eBook enthusiasts in bringing about a common platform for eBook readers universally. Thus, Mobi came about to be a great option. 

However, over the next few years, Amazon brought out Mobi format from MobiPocket systems, to be used later on with their eBook culture with Kindle. Thus, over time Mobi file format became an exclusive close ended eBook format of Amazon Kindle eBooks. And eventually, most readers stood incompatible with Mobi files.

Having said that, as a user, you can still open Mobi files across devices easily. One of the main factors for this is availability of third party compatible softwares like Sigil, Calibre and MobiPocket readers etc. However, apart from these, the main driver for Mobi compatibility for different devices is Kindle native app brought online by Amazon Kindle. This multi device app, can be installed in devices running on Android, Windows, Mac iOS, Linux or Unix devices. However, the only catch is that you need to register the Kindle apps in all these devices with one Kindle account. This is effective in using Amazon’s whispersync. Whispersync manages and syncs your reading habits across devices, like bookmarks, annotations, highlights etc.

Kindle reading app offers many features such as syncing your book library across platforms, storing your books in cloud, and ofcourse predicting and recommending reads based on your reads. Additionally, even if you delete books in the Kindle app, you can recover them from cloud with one click. Thus, Kindle reading app from Amazon becomes the best alternative for reading Mobi file eBooks within PC environment. Get More Info

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